Feb 172012
kendall beetle

Kendall Beetle Removal

There is a variety of Kendall beetle types and Quality Pest Control of Kendall can assist you with treatment. Lots of homes or businesses have had to put up with beetles here recently. Kendall beetles can be an embarrassing pest problem to deal with and they are an annoying pest to many because they eat plants.

Quality Pest Control of Kendall can take care of any and all beetles you might have in your home. Kendall beetles can destroy vegetation and be difficult to kill. Don’t let beetles stay in your property because Kendall beetles can lay larva which will only make a worse situation if not removed right away. Contact Quality Pest Control of Kendall at (305) 290-4306 now!

Feb 172012
kendall ants

Kendall Ant Extermination

We highly doubt there is a single individual who wants ants entering their house. Quality Pest Control of Kendall offers quality ant treatment for Kendall and the surrounding cities.

There are many types of Kendall ants you may be dealing with. With years of experience we have realized that Kendall ant issues can take on many forms. Before you hire any Kendall ant exterminator to handle your problem call us at (305) 290-4306 to find out what you should consider when choosing a Kendall ant exterminator.

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