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Bed Bugs Kendall

If you are suffering from bed bugs in Kendall, Florida, call Quality Pest Control of Kendall today!

Quality Pest Control of Kendall treats Bed Bugs in Kendall, Florida and the surrounding area.  What many people do not realize is that Bed Bugs can cause a variety of health problems that include allergy issues but can take a toll on you emotionally. If you have already confirmed that bed bugs are in your home you shouldn’t be ashamed but you should take immediate action to get rid of them. Bed bugs are travelers and so they will travel on just about anything that moves. If you have a neighbor that is dealing with bed bugs (with or without your awareness) they could definitely end up in your place if they are allowed to continue breeding and increasing the infestation.

Bed bugs are spreading rapidly through the Kendall area, and nobody is completely safe, no matter how clean your home may be.  This increasing problem may be due to the increase in international travel.  Those who spend a lot of time in areas with high turnovers of night-time guests such as hotels, hospitals or homeless shelters are at an increased risk for bringing bed bugs back home.

Bed Bugs Kendall – Where Did They Come From?

Houses and many other properties can easily become infested by Kendall bed bugs. These are only a few of those ways:

  • By coming in on via you unknowingly carrying them inside. Whether if they are on luggage, clothing, yourself, shoes, or even your pets.
  • Presently infested used items brought in to the home like furniture, clothing, bedding or stuffed animals.
  • Travel of bed bugs from nearby dwellings that are infested such as adjacent apartments or office areas. They can easily travel in the duct work and throughout false ceilings.
  • Wild animals can also carry bed bugs.

Treating Bed Bugs is not an easy process in Kendall because they are elusive pests. They come out at night time so if you go to look, you’ll want to do an inspection at night using a flash light and inspecting all furniture and areas up close. Check the seams of your bedding and mattresses, the frame, furniture anywhere in the room, your curtains, etc. Every nook and cranny of your room or furniture is an ideal hiding place for bed bugs.

If you need help confirming the presence of bed bugs in your property, Quality Pest Control of Kendall can treat all your bed bug problems and provide bed bug solutions!  Not all Kendall Bed Bug treatments are the same, so contact us at (305) 290-4306 today to have our bed bugs Kendall specialist come out to your home.

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