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Welcome to Quality¬†Pest Control of Kendall! We’re the premier pest control company for the Kendall, Florida area that provides many quality exterminator services to handle many different Kendall pests and rodents. We have nothing but appreciation for our customers that continue to allow and trust us to keep their property protected from unwanted Kendall pests.

Whatever the pest problem you may be having, give our experts at Quality Pest Control of Kendall a call today to put your worries away! You will find our staff honest, easy to work with, and knowledgeable.

Residential Pest Control Kendall

Pest Control of Kendall

Regular residential pest control can protect your family and your home from disease causing pests.

Our Kendall residential pest control division specialize in pest control that keeps your family and your home safe from the pests and rodents that frequent the Kendall, Florida area. Common residential pest control problems include mice, roaches, termites, ants, fleas, spiders, bed bugs, and stinging insects. If you’re problem isn’t on that list, it doesn’t meant that we can’t help. Our Kendall pest control team is trained to get rid of any pest problem you’re having. Quality Pest Control of Kendall offers superior, affordable and reliable pest services. Our certified pest control experts are masters of their craft and we are confident that you will be more than pleased with your results.

Commercial Kendall Pest Control

Many business owners trust us with their Kendall commercial pest control services. We offer many different treatment programs for businesses in and around the Kendall, Florida area that are looking for pest control and exterminating services for commercial applications.

pest control of Kendall

We offer superior commercial pest services to a number of private organizations as well as local businesses.

Some of our current Kendall clients include churches, restaurants, schools, and apartment complexes. We can assist with annoying ants that continue invading your kitchen, or the rodents causing damage and contaminating your property. Most businesses and organizations understand how important it is to keep a pest-free facility. Word about pest problems at a business spreads quickly.

If you’re running a business or successful organization then you really can’t afford to wait for a pest problem to happen before taking action. As a business there should already be a preventive pest plan in place to avoid ever having serious pest issues. Our Kendall commercial pest technician will draft a plan of action for your business based on past experience with other Kendall businesses.

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We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our services. Make sure that the pest service provider you choose to eliminate your pest issue is experienced and able to answer any questions you have. Call Quality Pest Control of Kendall today to find out just what our superior pest services can do for your pest issue.

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